Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Welp, I'm screwed

Just found out how much my insurance really sucks.

Cigna/Starbridge pays $1250.00 a year. My obligation, after the $100.00 deductible, is 20%.

The deductible will be burned up getting my blood work - $129.00

20% of the bill just for the biopsy is $980.00

Even if I wasn't 2 steps from homelessness that would be too much.

I don't do math anymore, but even I can tell that my $1250 is all gone. Can't even begin to imagine how I'm going to make it


Loran said...

Wish I had the magic words brother.

Wendy Todd said...

Guy, I just began following your story after seeing the link on the Free Digital Stamps blog. I for one am about to purchase the fundraising file and I'll be spreading the word among my papercrafting friends. Have faith in the crafting community! They'll come through for you, I'm sure. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Best Wishes for a full recovery!

minearebetter said...

Would you be able to set up a donation fund maybe? I know it would feel weird to do something like that, but I'd try and send some your way. Alternatively, what's your nearest grocery store and would I be able to send you a gift card to it?

Guy said...

Colleen and her hubby, Christian have already started one for me :)


I think I'm going to be getting food stamps soon, so food shouldn't be an issue, but thanks!!!

Adam B. said...

Guy, something doesn't sound right with this insurance set-up. A max of $1,250 payout a year, doesn't sound like an insurance plan. It sounds like a savings account. Have you double-checked on this?

Guy said...

Sorry, didn't mean to ignore ya Adam. Thanks for stopping in :)

Yeah, I've double-checked. This is just the crappy kind of insurance they give part-timers now I guess.

Tis legit though.
$100 deductible.
They only pay 80% of out-patient care, up to $1250.00 per year.

In-patient is a little better - $3000.00 a year.

I think that'll cover the first 5 minutes of any real surgery. It's really a joke. I might as well not have anything - the state might step in quicker if I didn't.

Oh yeah, and they only pay $300.00 a year in prescription costs. I think that might get me one scrip filled. Doubt it though.