Saturday, April 23, 2011

Winter is Here

I got my answers to my applications for Food Stamps and State Health Insurance in the mail today.

I got turned down for health insurance based on my GROSS monthly income, which the mouth-breather entered incorrectly and supposedly why I got denied.

I got accepted for the Food Stamp program based on my NET monthly income. Not sure why one is taken from the gross and the other from the net, I can only imagine it's so that it's possible to turn people down for insurance more easily, since the costs are clearly larger than food costs.

Regardless, as I said in my previous post, I was approved today and these denials are invalid now. What adds to the whole wtf day I've had, the approval letter is almost more ridiculous than the denial.

Yep, according to the letter I am eligible for $16.00 a month in food stamps.

"Winter is coming! Here's a chunk of ice to suck on to get you through."


alishia said...

the system is not set up to help the people who are trying and need a little extra help. before i went to school, i had madelaine and applied for food stamps and child care assistance. i didn't qualify for food stamps because i made $10.00 too much per month (gross) but i did qualify for child care assistance: a whole whopping $5.00 per month. i called my caseworker and told him not to bother. the amount of paperwork that the babysitter and i had to fill out each month was not freakin' worth it! ugh! i can't believe that! you said that someone put something in wrong, can they fix it and then re-submit it?

Guy said...

I got it fixed

alishia said...

that's good. like i said, the system is really not for people who need and deserve the help. it's unbelievable how so many useless people can suck off the system for years on end, yet people who are working hard to better themselves get "gee, i'm sorry, you're destitute, but not destitute enough." what kind of crap is that? very annoying. and like you need this sort of aggravation right now? seriously? it's totally mental!
glad to hear you got it fixed! love you lots!