Sunday, October 28, 2007

DaVinci's Last Supper Online

The Italian art site has put up the definitive Last Summer image on their site. 16 billion pixels! 1,600 times more detailed than the typical 10 million pixel digital camera.

The Last Supper

Yahoo News:

By COLLEEN BARRY, Associated Press Writer Sun Oct 28, 7:40 AM ET

MILAN, Italy - Can't get to Milan to see Leonardo Da Vinci's masterpiece "The Last Supper?" As of Saturday, all you need is an Internet connection. Officials put online an image of the "Last Supper" at 16 billion pixels — 1,600 times stronger than the images taken with the typical 10 million pixel digital camera.

The high resolution will allow experts to examine details of the 15th century wall painting that they otherwise could not — including traces of drawings Leonardo put down before painting.

Full story from Yahoo News

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Woman Finds Masterpiece in the Trash

Four years ago, Elizabeth Gibson was walking her dog in New York's Upper West Side when she came across a painting lying in some trash. Thinking it was too "powerful and beautiful" to be in the trash, she took it home.

Tres Personajes

Turns out that it's a painting done by famed Mexican artist, Rufino Tamayo, and had been stolen some 20 years ago. She returned it to it's rightful owners and is receiving a $15,000 reward, plus a percentage of the auction price.

The full story from Yahoo news

Thursday, October 18, 2007


As an artist, there are times when you come across someone's work and are blown away. You simply fall in love with their work. Then there are times when this happens, but you get the added benefit of realizing how much you suck as an artist. I mean, by comparison, you stink and you should quit and go work for Whataburger. This is one of those guys:

Alien Pile

Not only is his work amazing, it's in a genre I wish I could break into, but for one reason or another, haven't taken the plunge. That's the other aspect of artists like this. They make you feel like you are wasting your talent by not pursuing what you'd really like to be doing, while making you realize you couldn't compete anyway because he is so amazing.

The Wow Factor

There are a few contemporary artists that I admire, mostly because they have a gimmick. Ron Mueck for his amazingly realistic, yet oddly oversized sculptures of people, Damien Hirst for his vision and David Mach, for his wire hanger sculptures.

David Mach - Silverback

Yeah, this is made from bending white coat hangers.