Saturday, April 23, 2011


Regarding the initial denial and subsequent approval, based on my income:
I don't care how much money I make, the costs of cancer surgery and treatment are impossible to pay for no matter how much my income is. One recent post from a FB friend with cancer stated that her Chemo treatments for her melanoma were 30K a pop.

The screaming catch-22 is that I couldn't get approved based on the potential costs because I would have no way of showing how much the costs would be without first being approved and getting a bill. Without getting approved, I would never receive a bill and therefore would never have proof to show that I can't afford the upcoming medical costs.

My head hurts.

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Tammi said...


It looks like you have a FL connection. (I've been following you on Inspire & CMS.) In Texas, MD Anderson offers a Gold card for patients deemed indigent. You might check to see if MD Anderson in FL has a similar program. I'm not sure what the specific details are (link offers more information), but at the very least you could get a patient advocate or find a way to get a referral.

Sending you and your family a lot of healing love, strength, and prayers.