Thursday, August 31, 2006

Gotta Love the Beetles

Ok, so this isn't actually an artist's work, unless you count Mother Nature or God. I still find these images pretty amazing though. Beetles have always been my favorite bugs.

Beetle Pics!

Dynastes hercules ecuatorianus

Dynastes hercules ecuatorianus

Smaragdethes africana africana

Smaragdethes africana africana

Dicronorrhina derbyana ssp. Tanzania

Dicronorrhina derbyana ssp. Tanzania

Eudicella euthalia oweni

Eudicella euthalia oweni
Styro Robots!

This is one of those "wish I thought of that" things. He takes styrofoam packing material and makes robots out of them. Some are small but some are gigantic!

Styro Sculptures
Contemporary Artist Michael Salter
Sweet Designer Toys

I'd love to make some of these toys. I really think these are cool and would love to get some blanks to play with.

Designer Toys
My Plastic Heart
Cool Flash Site

This is a very cool site. It's a design house with some major clients and some nice reels to look at, but the site itself is almost more interesting than the work displayed.

Extreme Origami

Keeping in the paper art vein:

Amazing Paper Art

There are some very cool creations here.


This is the grand opening of The Art House Project. The AHP is dedicated to showcasing great art, whether it is contemporary art, design, outsider art or scuplture. Pretty much anything goes as long as it's cool!

If you know of any artistic works out there, feel free to suggest them.