Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Mona Lisa Under the 'Scope

OTTAWA, Sept. 26 — The first major scientific analysis of the “Mona Lisa” in 50 years has uncovered some unexpected secrets, including signs that Leonardo da Vinci changed his mind about his composition, French and Canadian researchers said Tuesday.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Munch Masterpieces To Go Back Before Public

"Two recovered Edvard Munch paintings will go on display in Oslo before they are repaired, say museum officials. Masterpieces The Scream and Madonna were stolen by two armed men in a daring daylight raid in 2004. Police recovered the paintings in August, and Norway's Munch Museum said both works had suffered slight damage. They will be put on display briefly over the next few weeks." BBC 09/14/06
Banksy Takes LA
British "guerrilla" artist Banksy hits Los Angeles. "Somehow, despite his mainstream appeal, Banksy has lost none of the respect of his more 'underground' British peers. When people talk about graffiti they talk about Banksy. Famous people have always come to his exhibitions because his stuff is easy to read." The Observer (UK) 09/17/06,,1874271,00.html

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Nicc Balce

This is the site of a guy whose work I admire. It's not my style, I don't particularly want to work in that style, but I still admire the style :)

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Worship Spanky!!

Get your Spanky T-shirts while they last. After all, how often do you get the chance to own a shirt with a picture of a dog dragging his butt across your chest?

Worship SpankyWorship Spanky
I haven't actually picked up a brush in over two weeks and I need to. This is the latest work I've completed:


Moving Pictures

If you're into 'outsider' art or graffiti art or anything off the wall, design-wise, Juxtapoz is the mag your'e looking for. With artists like Chet Zar and Baseman and Laura Easley, this magazine pushes the outer edge of what's new and cool in the art world, with a rebellious twist.


Very cool flash site for a design house based in New York. Their look is very Hello Kitty meets Baseman. They have an extensive line of designer toys as well.
Communication Arts

This trade magazine is THE magazine for artists, designers and photographers. The quality of the publication and printing, coupled with the calibre of artwork displayed makes this the premiere art magazine. It is simply the best.

Communication Arts
Linda Bergkvist

I stumbled upon this person's site when I was browsing Her work is truly amazing, especially as it's all digital. The attention to detail is astonishing. Some of her more animated looking characters are a little odd, but they've certainly got character.

Her personal site is Here.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Chapter 3

I've always loved the tech stuff. Those insidiously mind-bending space-scapes of tech nothingness that some people seem endlessly capable of creating. I've made a couple of them, but like many things, I don't dedicate enough time to perfecting once I've done it once or twice. Still, I have to hand it to these guys.

This site, whether it's a design house or just one guy, I'm not quite sure, but the visuals are just stunning.


This guy's name is Craig Mullens. He does pre-viz stuff for films and video games. His site is overflowing with purely amazing artwork. He has some personal stuff in there as well.
The film and game stuff is almost completely digital. I am simply astounded at his talent. What one fat, ugly stroke of the digital pen can be made to look like when wielded by this man is just amazing.

GoodBrush, AKA Craig Mullens

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Morning Lake

Prints available
Cool Gallery

This is an interesting gallery site. I went there to see one artist's photographs and got distracted by the creative flash site.

Casey Kaplan Gallery

The photographer I was seraching out was Anna Gaskell. Unfortunately, it looks like she's not represented there anymore. This is her collection at the Guggenheim.

Beat 13

This guy has an interesting style. Very monochromatic graffiti style.

Beat 13

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Flaming Skull T-shirt!

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Friday, September 01, 2006


Dusseldorf-based sculptor Wilhelm Mundt creates sculptures of production waste and fiberglass that he calls Trashstones. The smooth and shiny ‘stones’ are the size of boulders and appear in an assortment of vivid colours, sometimes mottled and veined. The Trashstones are numbered and their surfaces are so candy-like one might be tempted to lick them.