Friday, April 22, 2011


Been trying to reach my Access person for 2 days. Still worried that I'm going to get denied because the lazy hole who took my information and shooed me out the door didn't take all the info the letter I received had requested. Left 3 messages, called every 10 minutes or so and never once got to a real person.

Dr. Rothman's scheduler, Sarah, called me this morning to ask me if I had any other insurance. I told her no, but I've applied for DES. She said to call her when I find out if I have Access.

Yes, my doctor's assistant in charge of scheduling my very important life-saving surgery didn't schedule my life-saving surgery because I don't have insurance.

So after calling DES all day with no luck, I grabbed all the info they had asked for but didn't take and drove all the way down there again.

And was told I was denied because I make too much money.

I made $100.00 last week. According to my paychecks, I make about $900.00 a month. My rent is $1000.00. This doesn't even count electric, gas, utilities, car payments. And still I make too much.

So I asked how it was possible since I only made around $300 a month. She said I had a right to a "fair hearing". I asked her "When?! Because I need to have life-saving major surgery in 2 weeks! So when am I going to get this fair hearing? After it's too late and I'm home writing my will?"

Apparently I've been wrong all my damn life, and yelling and crying ARE what you have to do to get people to give a damn, because the lady in the next booth said she'd give me my "fair hearing" this afternoon if I would just wait for her to call me.

I waited about a half hour till I was called. She told me again that I was denied because I made too much. That the cut off for GROSS pay is $907.00 a month. Which means they've set the poverty level at $10,800 a year. I dunno, I think I could survive on $209.00 a week. How about you?!

So she takes a look at my pay stubs and, imagine that, the lazy waste of skin who took my info and denied me put my info in wrong. Even still, I only cleared the poverty level by $30.00

So yeah, $30 made the difference between me getting help and me driving my car through their window and... and they wonder why people lose their shit and kill themselves and everyone else around them. Now I understand that guy who showed up at that Florida school board with a gun. No, I have no intention of causing anyone harm, including myself, but I understand it better now.

So in case I wasn't clear - I got approved. But only because I cried and freaked out and wouldn't let them send me away without answering my questions.


On another Fd up note and adding to my feeling like I need to really hurt someone: Kevin put a box of his kid's toys on Craig's List. $100.00 for a huge box of action figures. Kevin had to leave and I was already on my way to DES so he left it to his 16 year old son to finish the deal.

Turns out the scumbag gave his son $45.00 and took a second box of toys nearby as well. So Kevin calls him and he says he has to talk to his wife and he'll call back. No call so far. So yeah, I'm not a violent person at all, but I seriously want to take a metal pipe to this guy's kneecaps.


Jenn Zeeb said...

My heart goes out to you. The people that work for the state I believe get there feeling and emotions sucked out of them on hiring. My husband lost his job and I needed my prozac refilled and the lady at dshs(our state med office) told me I could get help if I was preganant (remember hubby not working) or I could attempt to commit suicide (the way my life had been going I would have got that one right) The system is not a good one, good thing you didn't just leave. Be strong there are good people out here and wish you good thought!!

Guy said...

Ironically if I didn't have a job or insurance I wouldn't be having any of these problems.