Monday, April 11, 2011


Scheduled my blood work at the hospital. Since I have Cigna, I can't get it all done in one place...

The EKG is in one department, the blood work is down the hall, which is not too bad, but the chest x-ray has to be done somewhere else altogether.

I'm glad I can still get it done, but it's just screwed up. The one department could have done it all. Also can't help thinking about all the x-rays and scans I've gotten recently. I know I'll be getting plenty more, but it feels like a step backward each time.

Appt is on Wednesday, the 13th at 1:45


Laura said...

I was led here through a digital freebie site and read your story.

At times during your journey it will be overwhelming, frightening and lonely. You've got to make the effort to keep positive, look for the blessings and surround yourself with love ~ and never forget to laugh.

My husband was diagnosed with cancer and finished with 24 weeks of chemo this past February. You will learn a lot about yourself and others through your ordeal. You will learn that everyone's experience on their cancer journey is different. It is ok to stop those that want to tell you the negative effects of their treatment, you really don't need to hear them. Get your information from your doctor, not google. ;) Check out started by Scott Hamilton.

Focus on the positive only and always keep the faith that you will beat this. {{hugs}} ~ Laura

Guy said...

I read this but never replied at the time. Thank you, Laura.