Tuesday, April 12, 2011

off-topic. sorta

When it became apparent that I would not be able to keep working through my treatment and even if I could, the costs would be high since my insurance says they'll only pay $1250.00 per year (which won't even cover one treatment, much less an operation), and I don't want to destroy my parent's retirement, I finally decided to go after my ex-wife for the child support she never paid. Yeah, even though she petitioned to get it reduced to a paltry $100.00 a month, she hasn't done that in 3 years. Sure, it was payroll deduction, but she learned long ago that all she has to do is quit or transfer and then not re-up with the Disbursement department. Long story short, she owes me a lot of money

Sooo, I called the Clerk of the Court and filed to have her driver's license suspended and her tags revoked. She has 5 days to either pay in full, work out an agreement with me (which isn't going to happen), or contest it in court.

Needless to say, when she got the letter she wasn't happy and called me to tell me so. I really never want to speak to her again so I let voicemail get it.

Appaaaaaaaaarently she only makes $200.00 a month at her security guard job and "can't afford $200.00" a month child support payments (must have been too long since she paid, as they were only $100 a month) and her poor husband is disabled due to a back injury and they are barely making ends meet *tear*

A quick trip to her husband's Facebook reveals that not only is poor Mark not disabled, but had been working in Dallas, still with American Airlines, where he had an apartment of his own to compliment the huge house with the pool they own in Orlando. And apparently boating excursions to go shrimping and concerts and tours of the Cowboys stadium (complete with pictures. Hey, there's Donna in Dallas!) are all free now.

So no, there will be no agreements on "payments", and no, I don't believe anything you say and yes, I will push hard to put a lien on your house and everything else you own since you seem to feel your precious home and your pretty truck and trips across the country are more important than your daughter's well-being.


DebraK said...

'don't know which state you live in but talk to your county social services, Child Support division. They should be able to help you file papers to get her Federal Income Tax Refund--if she and/or her hubby gets one...
good luck... sorry to hear about your insurance issues. that stress sure doesn't help your situation. keep your chin up... have faith that something will fall in your lap and save the day... :)

Deborah said...

Here is the link to the Florida Department of Revenue. They are the ones who help you recover past due child support. I will send you the forms we talked about but if you can fill out their forms and get them to do it for you that would be a big help to you. However, that said, you have to realize that they are really slow. And when I say really slow, put it to the 10th degree! When I worked for Sherri we would have cases literally drag on for years!!! But at least its a start.


Deborah said...

Hey here is the link to the Florida Department of Revenue. They are really slow but they will litigate the case for you (usually for free). I will send you forms, but it would probably be better if you had a lawyer, especially a free lawyer, who could take care of all that stuff for you since you are out of state. Let me know if I can help.