Tuesday, April 26, 2011

F U part 2

I've been told by Social Security that they don't take care of short term disability and have nothing to offer me. I would have to be considered 'disabled' for at least a year before they will. Either that or I need to be in end-stage renal failure - which doesn't sound like disability, it sounds like death. You know, that whole "End stage" thing.
Medicare or Medicaid, whichever, won't cover me unless I've been covered by SSDI for at least 6 months, which is impossible as I was only diagnosed this month.

Also, the dr's office just called me to tell me that the plastic surgeon does not accept AHCCCS and therefore won't be able to stick knives in my face anymore, so sorry.

So the moral is, exhaust every financial opportunity you have and then when you finally think the red tape is done, you've managed to save yourself, *poop* some new asshole shows up with another amazingly creative way to say "no cash? fuck you, go die"

So a doctor affiliated with a not-for-profit, faith based hospital refuses to treat people who are on AHCCCS. AHCCCS is for people who are unemployed or underemployed or under-insured. I'm not sure what the issue is, if AHCCCS doesn't pay 100% of his bills or something. Either way. I hope you get a serious illness while vacationing in Borneo or some remote place, and they refuse to operate on you because they don't take THAT kind of money and you have no Borneo dollars and you can't get Borneo state sponsored health care because you haven't been a resident of Borneo for a year. Maybe, I dunno, lose the use of your operating arm and your livelihood.

Or seagulls tear your eyeballs out.

So now, the three choices I was offered have been narrowed down to one choice. My God I'm proud to be an American, where we have the greatest health care system in the world. After Canada and Finland, and Australia, and Japan, and France, and Iceland, and the Netherlands, and Austria. I sure am glad we're better than say, Mexico or Haiti, because those guys put up a real fight, what with the free dysentery with every purchase and an uzi on every corner. I think they even stoop so low as to accept Travelers Checks for payment.

Crap story shittier: instead of repairing my arm after they take a giant chunk out to fill in the giant whole in my face, I'm now fortunate enough that I can have the as-is giant chunk whole in my chest added value package. Two horrific scars for the price of one.

I suppose I should still be happy. I still have a surgeon who will remove my cancer from my head, though I'm starting to feel like he's going to fill in the hole in my chest with, "Hey! Look at that! This chunk here? The one from his face? Wouldn't that just fit perfect in the hole I just made in his chest? NURSE! Close please. I'm off to Scottsdale! There's a charity ball in my honor! For godlike figures who save the lives of the rich and insured. I'm getting an award! :D"

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