Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Left out

I realized I didn't relate the small happening yesterday.

After not receiving a call from the scheduling dept on Monday, I called Tuesday morning. I called 5 times throughout the day and got the answering machine every time. Left two messages. While I was leaving the second message, right about 3:00, they called me.

I was a little bothered that the biopsy was scheduled for 10 days out, but she said the dr was ok with it, so...

Anyway: biopsy - Friday, April 15 and 9:30 in the am with surgery to begin at 11:30. General anesthesia. My dad is going to be flying in to go with me. My mom and Kaia want me to try to find out how soon after the biopsy might they go for the major surgery. Hopefully the doctor has some sort of answer for that so they can make plans for when to come up. If it's close to the biopsy they'll come for both.

I suspect the dr won't be able to say anything about it until after the biopsy though. I believe he'll remove my tonsil(s) during the biopsy and use an endoscope to look down in my throat to see if they can visually see any more problems.

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