Wednesday, July 06, 2011


Well, the good news is the fatigue has lessened a bit. The bad news is I think I crossed the threshold today.

No more taste buds.

I made an beautiful omelette this morning with some excellent organic free range eggs I actually spent extra for, and nothing.
Of all the side effects I am expected to endure, this was the one I was dreading the most. I am sure I will be proven wrong and the burns and swallowing issues will be bad, but I fully admit I am a foodie and not being able to taste things is demoralizing to say the least.

The sense of taste is supposed to come back after treatment, though it's possible that it will be lessened a bit, as long as it's not this nothing I have now. Almost makes the canned food stuff they delivered today look appetizing.


alishia said...

ugh, that's horrible! i'm a foodie as well and that would be like hell for me!
but if it is any comfort to you at all, my dad had radiation to the same area about 20-25 years ago and he did get his sense of taste back. i don't remember if he mentioned it being altered, but i do know that he enjoyed the taste of food after his PEG was removed and he started eating again. and he also smoked 4 packs a day.
he had a great big huge tumor removed from his throat and went through chemo and radiation too. but like i said, he did enjoy the taste of foods after it was all said and done. i will be praying that this is a temporary bump in the road. love you lots!

Guy said...

My doc assured me that it would be temporary, but I've read other cancer survivors who have had it permanent. I'm hoping that their cases were more specific to the tongue area or more intense radiation treatments. Since I had surgery first and the radiation is more for cleanup than treatment, I think I'll likely get it back.

Good news is I can still taste a bit of chocolate pudding! Hope!

Colleen said...

Have you heard of the O2 diet? It's really high in antioxidants and is supposed to cleanse your body and promote immune system health. I didn't particularly enjoy the taste of anything when I did it, so maybe now would be a good time for you to try it...?

bobby said...

Hope it comes back for you Guy.
My radiation sessions were full bore. My taste came back gradually over a few years post radiation. Some foods came easier. However, I don't think I ever fully recovered the subtle flavors.

Unfortunately even though I have taste now, I can't eat anything because food through the mouth easily goes into the lung.

Guy said...

I haven't heard of the O2 diet. I'll look it up, though I think it's too late for me as far as eating. The inside of my mouth is a mess.

Thanks Bobby. I'm sorry to hear you can't eat. Forgive me if I say I hope I don't get to that point. I hope your situation improves in that regard.