Thursday, June 30, 2011

Long Couple of Days

The day after my chemo I received a shot of Neulastin, which is supposed to help grow white blood cells. It can cause bone pain, particularly in the sternum, as the white blood cells are primarily built in the bone marrow. The other side effect is flu-like symptoms. No bone pain so far, but man did it knock me out. I slept all day yesterday and all night. I think this is on top of the normal fatigue from the chemo as well, but the combination really sunk me.

Today was better. The parents got me out of the house. We went to see Bad Teacher. It was ok. Not the best movie to see with your parents, but whatever, it was their pick lol. Afterward we went to a great Thai restaurant. I got the special curry. It had sea food. Including mussels, which I like, but one had the beard still on it. Mussels need to be de-bearded before being served. The beard means they were fresh, but it's basically the seaweed they were munching on when they got caught. The other mussel crunched when I bit it. I pulled out the crunchy bit and it was a tiny crab. A little gross, but whatever. Still great curry.

Had one more radiation treatment. Only 32 more to go. Back at home and starting to sink a little.

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Deborah said...

Thirty two and counting. Hang tough!