Sunday, July 10, 2011


I'm not sure what part of the universe likes me but someone or something out there must, because even though I can't taste my dad's Sugar Chicken (actually my Momo's, though other family members have claimed it in recent days lol), or my mom's lasagna, or the peach cobbler I made last night...I can still taste chocolate. It's the little things.

Other than that, I think my days of solid food are done for the duration. The inside of my mouth, specifically my right cheek and the right side of my tongue, hell, the whole right side of my mouth, is on fire. I tried a soda and talk about lemon in a papercut. It's more like acid on 2nd degree burns. I've been trying to do the whole gargling with salt and baking soda, as the doctor directed, but it isn't really doing anything for the pain in my mouth right now. I'm gonna hit the doc up for something tomorrow.

Aside from that, I saw Horrible Bosses today, and other than sitting right next to my mom while Jennifer Aniston describes in graphic detail the things she wants Charlie Day to do to her private parts and vice versa, it was a really good movie. I lol'd my booty off. A lot. One of my favorite parts? The poster that Colin Farrel's character had of himself in his house. Classic.

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