Thursday, July 14, 2011


Got some good meds from the doc yesterday. Some horrifically horrible tasting Lortab (Vicodin) elixir. Man, I can't taste anything but this stuff? WTF? Oh well, what can ya do? Just in time, I guess. The throat is starting to seize up and swallowing is hard and painful. The pain in my mouth is less, but only slightly. He also gave me some muscle relaxers for my neck. The muscle the surgeon took from my chest to fill the void in my neck did it's job, but said muscle is always flexed and hard as a baseball. Hopefully the meds will help a bit. Not so far though.

Sleeping is difficult though, with all these ills. The mild but constant headache, serious dry mouth and the pain in my mouth make it impossible to get more than four hours at a clip. I suppose when I have my next chemo sessions on Monday and Tuesday the fatigue will take care of that.

On the other side of things, the non-cancer side that is, I bought some Sculpey and made a cool skull last night. Took longer than I thought it would, but it was still pretty easy. Just gotta refine the technique. I tried to paint it so it looked weathered and bleached, but still yellowed with age. Not sure if I like it that way or not. The next one I plan to make black. I might make it a dragon skull instead. Black like Balerion from Game of Thrones. Well, black like all dragon bone in Martin's novels.

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