Monday, July 11, 2011

It Shtarts

Well, starting Sunday, the eatin is finished. The inside of my mouth is like a flaming hole of pain. Even water burns rather than soothes. The doc gave me some aloe based gargle that kinda numbs it for about an hour.

So it's all canned food in the tube from here on out. Of course, everything I watch read or hear has food in it. Finished The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Main character's eating sandwiches and pastries and sausages every other paragraph. Re-reading Game of Thrones. Filled with roasted pigs, meat on skewers roasted with onions dripping with juices, crispy capons crusted with herbs and garlic. Ironwood has Anthony Bourdain on the tube every time I go in. The man is going to Cuba fergawdsake!!!! The only thing I truly miss about Miami is Cuban food. Bistec Milanesa from La Carreta with black beans and rice and fried yucca with fried plantains. Lechon asada, vaca frita. I even miss flan and I don't really like flan!

Gonna be a long year...

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