Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Two Days Off, Two Days Added

Started radiation sessions again today. Been in a good bit of pain all day. I was supposed to go see Cowboys and Aliens with my parents today but I had to call and tell them I wasn't up for it. Headache, earache, throat and mouth, the usual stuff, just worse than usual. I asked to see the doctor about it when I got to Ironwood. He said the earaches could mean a mild infection and asked if I was eating enough, but wasn't too concerned since I'd only lost a pound since he last saw me. Said my mouth looked ok. I wish it felt ok. He asked if I was taking the vicodin he prescribed and I told him I hadn't because I wasn't having too much pain till this weekend. I said I had one more refill and he said I should start using it and then prescribed oxycodone as well for later. They're pills, but they're small enough to swallow. He did explain that they weren't time release so I could grind them if I need to. He also said he was going to give me a long weekend so I'm strong enough to deal with my last chemo session on Monday and Tuesday. I told him that I really want to muscle through as much as possible, but he insisted that it was a good idea and gave me Thursday and Friday off, which means my last day is the 18th now instead of the 16th. As much as I want to get through as soon as possible, I admit I'm relieved to have a couple of days relief.

Mom and dad drove me to the pharmacy and we waited the half hour for the meds. I took the oxycodone when I got home. It helped my mouth a little, but didn't do anything for my headache. I took a long nap and still had it, so I took some ibuprofen. Oddly, that helped. It still hurts to swallow despite both of these though. The oxycodone can make you nauseous, but just like the chemo, my body's reaction is just heartburn. Small blessings, I guess.

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TWoP Fan said...

I wandered over here from Pajiba. I'm TWoP Fan over there and I wanted to tell you that I'm checking out your blog and plan to read your older posts. I'll probably comment here and there.

I'm very sorry to hear about your cancer, truly.