Friday, August 12, 2011

Four More Days

Just got back from Radiation treatments. I get a couple of days off for the weekend. Then just four more treatments till I'm done. Hopefully. I get a nice long wait of 6 weeks before I get a PET scan to see if I'm really clear of this crap.

I am very pleased to say that, even though the side effects have not been fun, they have not been as bad as I was told they'd be, even this far in. According to the doctors, the effects of the radiation and chemo continue for about 2 weeks after the last treatment and then the side effects should start to go away. Except the loss of taste. Of course.

Right now I'm experiencing a bit more burns than before. I'm sure it's a cumulative thing, like getting sunburns on top of sunburns. Still not too bad and certainly not painful. You can see from the pictures that my skin is browned, but in strange patterns and it seems like it's brought about moles and freckles, more than an even tanning. Weirdness. The scarring is turning whitish from the chemo and the scabbing in the junction of the scars is white more because it's peeling skin than scabs.
You can also get a good look at where the hair on the back of my head is gone for good. I shaved it up in a sloppy fade to cover the weirdness, but it's still kinda weird looking. Oh well. A small thing.

All really yummy and fun, no?

Almost done!!


Spender said...

Well, ya look damned good mister. Keep up the good work and good humor.

mswas said...