Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Dr. Gorgeous' Soothing Syrup

I suppose it ain't right cheering for hard drugs. Too bad.

Dr. Gorgeous saw me halfway through my chemo session. The second to last I'm to have, Wooohoo! Her assistant asked how I was doing and I let her know. Basically I tried to talk. That was nearly enough. I think it was for the Doc too cuz she gave me freakin morphine. I'm sure it's not a high dose, but the contrast with Doctor Stingypants trying to tell me Ibuprofen was fine 8 days after he cut my head in half and tore out half my pecs is just too much. And it's not a pill! So I don't have to try and gag it past the razor blade in my neck.

So I got Morphine, some stuff called Miracle Mouthwash, which is a custom mix of Lidocaine and two other things I can't remember now. One is like Benadryl I think. Either way it tastes like I'm gargling sunscreen (yes, for some reason the nasty medicine I can taste). I also got a scrip for the infection that's turned my mucus orange or green, depending on the time of day it seems. This tastes awful too. Bad news is the pharmacist didn't have the morphine, and the one they sent me to didn't understand the instructions so she couldn't dispense it until she talks to Dr. Gorgeous tomorrow.

So I'm getting my literochemo and I remember I forgot, again, to call and have the other med I need delivered. It's three horsepills (yay) that I need to take during the two days of chemo and one after. I call the shop to ask them to deliver it to Ironwood and she says it will be there in two hours. Naturally it took 3 phone calls and 5 hours to get there. Regardless, the needle hurt but I don't care, the room was cold and dull but I don't care, the nurse/tech/whatever was a cute brunette with a great....personality and I only have one more day of toxic crap goin in me.

*late night edit* Yeah, I should be asleep. I forgot something important.

I wanted to thank all the exceptionally generous people who've selflessly pressed that donate button. You know who you are. I won't name names but you're all really humbling me. Some more than others, Ha! Kidding. Sorta. I'm actually in shock at the response and have no way to thank you. I did send something but it's so insignificant compared to what it's thanking you all for I'm almost embarrassed.

thank you,

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