Monday, August 01, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Well, mostly just bad and ugly.

Even as I was saying it and writing it I knew I was getting ahead of myself. It feels like the side effects are finally catching up on me. The ringing in my ears is pretty much constant now and likely to remain that way. The gunk in my throat seems to be getting worse, something I didn't think possible and my mouth is in constant pain. It feels like I gargled with boiling water. The inside looks like it, at least. I'm hoping that's just because I did too much talking yesterday. That's happened before, so I'm hoping. I think I bit my cheek in my sleep too, so yay for that. Either way, the two days off of radiation haven't seemed to have been used by my body to heal. More like it's just taken the time to deepen the hurt.

I also have a headache and sweats most of the day as well as this damn muscle they shoved into my neck. It's always flexed and feels like it's going to rip away from it's new moorings. The muscle relaxants don't help much, and besides, the pills are too big to swallow. I either have to break them in half or grind them and pour em in the feeding tube. All this combined with more fatigue than normal and Peeg is not a happy camper.

But it could always be worse.

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