Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Life Mask

Home from my appt with the people at Ironwood Cancer & Research Center. Pretty much just to fit me with the mask they're going to use during radiation treatments to keep my head still and in the same position every time.

It was a little weird at first as the tech led me into the same room they did my PET scan in. I asked what was up and they seemed like I should have known why I was there. They finally said they were going to fit me for my mask. Couldn't help telling them that it looked like they were already setting me up for a rad session.

They were both very nice and explained everything as they went along. The one's name was Jamie, I didn't get the other girl's name. Basically they soak a big sheet of malleable plastic in hot water until it gets soft enough to bend and then they pressed it down over my face and clamped it to the table. If I were claustrophobic I would have completely freaked out. When they pressed it down it immediately felt like I was suffocating, but breathing was not a problem since it was full of decent sized holes.

Again, I had more problems with my back than anything else. That and my sinuses. Having to remain still meant no big swallows either and I could feel my sinuses draining into the back of my throat, making it feel a bit like I might choke. The whole thing was about 15 minutes.

I'm calling it my "life mask" even though it feels more like a death mask. Not trying to be morbid, just that people used to have masks made of their face after they've died. This is the mask that's going to help make sure I don't die, so...

No word yet on the PET scan results. I have another appt with my medical oncologist on June 23rd, then my first radiation treatment is on the 27th.

6/19 edit - the other tech's name is Tina


Sue said...

I keep stopping by to see how you're doing, hope everything goes well next week

Guy said...

Thank you Sue! So far so good!

colleen said...

*hugs* I think we'll have to get you a super hero cape Peegimus!

Guy said...

I'm not even gonna play with superhero names lol