Sunday, January 22, 2012

As Expected

Once I realized that comments on Miss Lying Liar's blog were moderated, I knew there was no way she would publish my comment. I was hoping she might, seeing as there were already some negative comments in the "article" before I found it. I suspect that she decided to moderate her comments after the initial backlash to her attempt at journalism.

The face of inanity 

Once I posted my own blog response, since I knew she would ignore my comment on her blog, I figured that she would either shut up and hide or totally lose her mind and go on a rant about terrorist left wing goons.

Turns out I was half right. She not only ignored my reply, both on her blog and in Facebook (I messaged her my response so she wouldn't miss it), but she removed her blog post altogether, without comment. On the one hand, her hateful and false "article" is no longer being read, which is a good thing, on the other hand, I think her experience over the article might have pushed her over to full-on nutso Tea Party idiot. Her very next post was about squishing "Occupy pimples" and other fun sentiments.

In case you were wondering, I only provided one link and that to the now-dead article. I'd rather not give her any readers or any clicks to make money off of. That being said, don't let me stop you from exercising your right to free speech. I'm sure she'll understand. Me, I think I'm blocked from commenting.

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Anonymous said...

I posted a reply when I found that article. I posted one first about how every comment was just attacking "liberals" in general and then the one guy who replied without kissing her ass in specific. I wrote that we will never get past anything in this country if that's how everyone reacts- to attack instead of listen and learn and grow. Then I saw the reply article and posted the link to that in the next reply. Within an hour the entire article was taken down. So you're welcome and I'm sorry, if I had anything to do with it. I still stand by what I said, and even if she was the only person to see it, I hope she took it in, because there is no reason to just start bashing people for their views. That's what leads to things like that poor campaign worker whose family pet was bludgeoned to send a message that he was disliked. Letting anger and hatred rule us is not the way to win, and I don't want to be a part of that America no matter what values they stand for otherwise.