Saturday, January 07, 2012


No, not me. My kid.
I'd get a tattoo if I could ever decide on what I'd want on me forever. I feel like it has to be my drawing, but quite often I'll hate something I've drawn that only a year earlier I thought was awesome.
She wanted something specific, of course, but we'd narrowed it down. A griffin, with eagle's claws up front, in a crouching/stalking pose.

Since I was on vacation, my days were hectic and filled with appointments, and I didn't get to draw the final one until pretty close to her inkin day. She called me to say her artist needed the sketch early, so I put down what I had in mind and finished it up pretty fast. Faster than I'd have liked by a lot, but she loves it and something I drew is... on...her skin...forever...

Brett Barr, at Built 4 Speed Tattoos
did a great job with the color!

We went through all the parent things, "You're going to regret it", "You're going to have a hard time finding a job", all the advice we're supposed to give when big decisions are to be made. I knew they'd be ignored. Her answer was always the trump. "It's my daddy's drawing. I'll never not love it."


Flower Power said...

It looks great Guy.. I bet she will love it forever!

Aniu said...

I will indeed. ;