Tuesday, January 10, 2012

All We've Ever Had Was Now

Got the results of my latest PET Scan and everything looks good. My white blood cell count is at the low end of normal, there's some "stable" metabolic activity around the surgical site as well as the opposite side of my neck. Doc says that's all normal and she's happy with the results. Which means I'm happy with the results. Two more scans, one every four months and I'm through a year. But we won't look that far ahead.

She was concerned about my neck and the tightness there. Scar tissue and muscle issues and all. She wants to have me continue physical therapy. I mentioned speech therapy and she said she could give me a referral again, but it's most likely an insurance issue still, whether they'd cover it.

The Flaming Lips' "All We Have is Now" (Music Video: Unofficial) from Brent Long on Vimeo.


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macewen05 said...

hello guy. i like the song, how can i post on my fb page and get it into my ipod :-)

Guy said...

It's similar to Youtube. If you click on the Vimeo logo at the bottom right of the video screen, it should take you to where the video is hosted, and then you just post a link to your FB status and it should plop the video right non your wall. I'm not sure how to get it on your ipod though.