Friday, January 20, 2012

Lost Keys

Not really. Sold them. Sold it - one key.
The old Nissan I'd had sitting in my driveway, wavering between trying to fix it and needing money. Money won and Car-With-No-Name is gone.

Later that morning, as I'm driving to finally get a tire for the one I'd had a nail in since November (thanks Wendy! but bills came first), I see a pristine (to my eyes, anyway) Nissan Altima just like mine, same color, clean, a silver ghost riding ahead of me.

Where wilt thou lead me? speak; I'll go no further.
My buddy with a potential job offer in Miami called to talk about it. Most likely head to an interview if I get a positive response to my resume and samples. We shall see.

On to better things! I had saved one of these links before my surgery and stumbled across a second one last week, now I can't find that first one. For the morbidly curious like myself:

****Be Warned! These are pictures of surgery.****

Not my surgery, but similar to my surgery. The main difference seems to be, aside from the location of the cancer, which required the removal of part of the jaw, there is no pec-flap procedure done that I can see.
Again, not fun, not cool if you are at all squeamish. Also one more reason why I feel lucky.

If I were in his place, I'd probably still feel lucky, considering how much more debilitating it could have been. I still worry about a recurrence and losing my ability to eat during treatment. The titanium jaw looks extremely fragile and painful, though, and he seems to have a lot of nerve damage.

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