Saturday, October 29, 2011

Careful Where You Put Your Feet

I wouldn't call it viral, but the 99% pic I sent to Faces of the 99% has gotten quite a few hits. It's a little intimidating but kinda cool the way it's spread outward. This being the internet, there are trolls at every turn, waiting to crap on whatever it is they disagree with. The sick thing is they're trolling people who are, for the most part, speaking out in serious pain and fear, and these a-holes are trolling them, telling people afraid of homelessness and death, that 'if they just had a job, they'd be doing better', and worse. It's really disgusting.

I've had this sense that most of these types of people, aside from whatever political views they hold, seem to be unable to think beyond two levels deep. The whole 'consequences of your actions' thing.

I had an argument with a friend a while ago about health insurance. This was when we both had good  jobs and good insurance. His argument was the same one you always hear. The same one an old high school friend trolled one of my Facebook posts.

"I'm tired of paying for something I don't use and will never need."

This is actually what she said.

There's so much wrong with this statement it's kinda sad and infuriating. Both people were saying this as it refers to welfare and taxes. Basically, they're tired of paying taxes that help others, not themselves. When pressed further, the more honest of these cynics will say they're tired of paying taxes for lazy people who are just taking advantage of the system. Some will go even further and parrot the old "I'm tired of giving away my hard-earned money so some lazy fat woman can sit in her house and pump out welfare babies".

I've heard the same argument from people who are sick of paying taxes for public schools because they don't have kids and never will.

These sentiments are perfectly fine and good. You want to believe this is what happens, fine. There's no person on the planet that's going to convince you otherwise. The problem is, when they actually do lose your job or you or a family member comes down with a catastrophic illness, all that foresight and brilliance that got you from there to here isn't going to help you, and my taxes will then be paying to save your necks.

The main issue I have; if you're unwilling to help your fellow American when they need it most, how can you call yourself an American? Why is it that you can't see that thing I keep hearing people like you quote: "There but for the grace of God..." Is it that you think you have God's grace and therefore nothing bad will ever happen to you? Like Job? Mysterious ways and all.

Here's another one: you are amazing, yes, it's true. You got where you are, all by yourself, because you're a smart, hard-working individual. Fine. What about your adult daughter? Your sister? Your father? Did all your foresight and hard work protect them from car accidents, cancer, crime, Alzheimer's, tornadoes? Will your health insurance pay for your non-dependent son's cancer treatments? No, it won't. Do you have enough saved or enough equity in your home to pay for his treatments? No, not unless you're in the 1%. Are you going to let your son die? No, your son is going to NEED welfare.

Or should I assume that you believe your shining example will ensure that your son or daughter or sister or father never loses a job or gets dropped by an insurance company or gets denied due to pre-existing condition?


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