Monday, October 17, 2011

Woke Up Cranky

Spammed grumpy crap on my face books. It feels like the junk they put in me are trying to claw their way into me and not leave. The dry mouth and stuff still hanging on. Still feel tired and, as of yesterday, kinda jumpy, like when you take cough medicine and it makes you jump at noises and sudden movement. Probably just in my head. Anxious to be done, knowing it isn't going to be, yadda.

I actually think it has more to do with the physical therapy. Ever since she started stretching my tendons and working the muscles, it feels like my nerves are waking up a little faster. I have a bit of a nerve thing in my arm, which feels similar to the sciatic nerve pain I get in my leg. Back injury. I think when she hit on the muscles that support the shoulder, the muscles are now pinching a nerve and I feel it in my elbow crease, just like how my back injury hurts behind my knee.

Still, I also played hackey sack with some friends for longer than I should have. Exercise is good, but I'm still sore. Went to the horse jumping event at Westworld with Kevin and his kid. Took some pictures. Still need to upload them. Passed out.

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