Friday, September 27, 2013

My new job

Filling out forms and applying for aid.

Spoke to someone at Salvation Army about rental assistance. I have to call at 7am on Oct 1st to set up an appointment. First come first serve. They also have a food pantry.

480-963-2041 Ext 205

They're open Tue - Fri 8:30 - 11:30am
85 E Saragosa  - off Arizona.

Called Caldwell & Ober, disability attorneys at 8:45am. Left a message.

Spoke to someone at Maricopa County Human Services Department. They can help with rent but they aren't taking appointments before Oct 14

Kevin called to tell me again that he was going to send me money but didn't.

Spoke to Dale at Phoenix Art Group about the money deducted from my vacation pay. Not sure if it's legal or whatever, but yeah. So I'm covered until Monday.

Spoke to Lorraine Steadman at Caldwell & Ober. I now have a social security attorney. I finished the intake with her and they'll mail out the forms I need to sign on Monday.

The local branch of CAP, Chandler Christian Community Center called me back. They help with rent but the first appt available, after forms are filed, is in mid October.

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