Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Temporary Titles

I'm going with the rather bland name, Ridgeline until I can think of a good one for this. It's only about halfway finished, but my technique is similar to the previous painting, Desperately Wanting. The difference here is that I used a better camera and a tripod. I plan to get the rest down for posteriors, but wanted to get this up in the meantime. Next time I will get video. Okay, let's go behind the curtain once more.

I should probably explain the red canvas.
These canvasses came from a friend of my roommate's.
I think they were some sort of DIY modern art project.
3 Red canvasses.

I like a warm undertone to my paintings, but I usually go more orange or yellow,
Unless it's supposed to be around dusk or something. Not much really shows through, but it
presents opportunities to, and, depending on the paints used, can remain softly in the background.
As you can see from these two, I apply the paint directly from the tube onto the canvas.
I do this for a couple of reasons, but mostly because it always seemed silly to put it onto
another surface and paint it up while mixing. I know the colors I want to use and I hate wasting all that paint.
After pushing all that paint around.
I think it would have taken me at least twice as long and would have used more paint
if I had squeezed the paint onto a palette first.
Redefining the structure of the image a bit.
Tweaking it a little more.
Reworked some of the sky, adding some violet and brick red to grey it down some.

I'd say it's about halfway done at this point.
Overall it needs to be lightened up considerably, at least in the foreground.
The middle ground to the right needs some attention as well.

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Spender said...

I am always in awe of your technique and your amazing vision.