Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Peter de Sève

I got your average pushmail today but couldn't send it straight to the trash without mentioning it here, if only so I can get some sympathetic mojo from the awesomeness of this man's work.

I've been seeing Peter de Sève's illustrations for ever, but didn't realize how awesome he was until I found out that he was the artist behind the rather different and goofy character design for Ice Age. The spiraling rocks, the impossible yet expressive body types, you could almost see the swirling pen strokes in the landscapes. He has also worked on Finding Nemo, A Bug's Life and Robots, but his style doesn't shine through as much as in Ice Age, especially his scruffy squirrel/rat, Scrat.

Anywho, he's done many New Yorker covers over the years and the magazine is offering them as prints. Not too pricey. Well, too pricey for me, unless they're signed or something, which they're not.

Anyway, that's my art public service for the day.

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