Monday, September 05, 2011

Slowly But Surely

I think I'm finally turning a corner. The burns in my mouth are starting to heal finally and I don't feel as tired as I had been. The burns on my neck are much better. I haven't really been out since my parents left, except to go to my doctor's appointment. Had no energy to do much and driving is tough because of the muscle issues in my neck and shoulder.

I tried to eat a few times. Tonight I tried a scrambled egg. I got most of it down before the lack of flavor made it nasty. It's amazing how hard it is to eat when nothing has flavor. If they could make a pill to do this temporarily, they could market it as the ultimate diet pill. I still crave something real, like a hamburger or something. Kevin bought chocolate popsicles but they taste like unflavored ice. Maybe chocolate will be the first taste to come back, it was the last to leave.

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mswas said...

I'm glad you're feeling slightly better. Can you tolerate spicy food? Maybe pepper is strong enough to give you a taste of something? I really don't know though, its just a suggestion.