Wednesday, September 28, 2011

by the way

I solved the "nothing rhymes with 'orange'" thing.

Door hinge.

So there's that.

I don't have any news. Just here waiting. I did find these pictures buried in my email. I added some for a mini timeline.

This one is from the first day after surgery. May 13, I guess, but it could be the 12th.

The only sleep I got

Leavin the Pit of Despair
Radiation Graduation

Need more chin whiskers


Colleen Chapman said...

That nothing rhymes with orange thing deserves a Nobel Prize. Seriously.

Alix said...

There is a word that rhymes with orange. It's "sporange," short for a botanical term. :)

It's so good to see that you are doing even better now! It really looks like things are picking up. Yay!