Thursday, May 19, 2011

Well, I'm back

Finally home.

Very tired and sore with almost no energy, but I'm happy to be home.
No more trach tube. No more drains, no more EKG wires and O2 sensors. No more ICU with it's smells and sounds (too many beeps) and awful bed and odd nurses who take complaints about pain like personal attacks on their abilities or intentions. No more waking at 7am after finally getting one hour of sleep to be greeted by a doctor with zero bedside manner and scissors or some other sharp object.

I will write more as I can, but I think I've overdone it already today and need to get some rest.

Thank you to everyone who sent me wishes, prayers, thoughts, brownies, etc. You kept me going, truly.


Sue said...

I have been watching Colleens blog for news, I was surprised and delighted to see your comment, I didn't think you would be about so soon. Hope you are feeling better and better as the days progress.

Guy said...

Thanks! Yeah, I've been reluctant to continue the blog in depth as a lot of it is a bit negative. Not negative as far as prognosis, but experience. I'm trying to decide whether it should be uplifting rather than cynical, helpful to others, not scary. My hospital experience wasn't the greatest, even though the result was great.
Thanks for the support though, it really does mean a lot to me.