Monday, May 02, 2011


Aside from watching Game of Thrones and all the excellent character building (though I will say that King's Landing looks a little bit like the old Rome sets. Not impressive enough), I was kinda slack today and didn't do my other job; waiting for other people to kill my cancer. I didn't call the Mayo Clinic and I didn't find an oncologist and I haven't yet got a family practitioner yet even still as of now yet.

I did, however, get a lot of phone calls starting around 7:00am. I had a difficult time getting sleep last night. I think it was around 5 when I finally managed. So I figure 2 hours before the calls started. It used to be that I could just turn off my ringer and not worry about it at all. Now I can't miss any calls, ever. Sarah from Dr. Rothman's office called to say I had a 3:15 pre-op appointment on Wednesday, May 4th. My mom called around 9:30. I talked to her and I remember most of what she said. Wrote down some. Donna called around 1:30pm. Didn't answer.

As for my 10th meal before I can't anymore, I had Gang Ped Yarng, basically Thai yellow curry with duck, lychee, green peppers and tomatoes. Never had curry with duck or lychee. The lychee were good but the duck was a bit tough. Still awesome. I had ordered spring rolls, but they gave me steamed dumplings instead. Hard to complain.

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