Saturday, May 07, 2011


It's getting to the point
where I'm no one anymore.
Sometimes it's hurts
so badly I must cry out loud

Damn you vicodin, you used to be my friend, but now you go away too soon and all I'm left with is this small tumor-shaped badger trying to claw its way through my eye and ear holes. are you doing that? It's like you got little freddie kruger arms dug into the top of my skull trying to pull it apart at the craggy sutures holding my head together.

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Jen said...

I wish that I could "poof" this all away for you. I would love more then anything to see your crabby face at the hut.Not really crabby, ok......yes crabby that is just because they were breaking your give a damn. I know you don't want sympathy or people feeling bad for you so this is not at all what this is. This is me trying to wiggle my nose and magically fix it.