Sunday, December 10, 2006

Tomma Apts Wins Turner Prize

The Turner Prize for 2006 has been won, not only by a painter, but by a woman painter. The German born painter Tomma Apts, which sounds like the name of a housing sturcture, has won the prize for her complex, yet simple and intuitive works.

"Tomma Abts’s paintings are the result of a rigorous working method that pitches the rational against the intuitive. She works consistently to a format of 48 x 38 centimetres in acrylic and oil paint. She uses no source material and begins with no preconceived idea of the final result. Instead, her paintings take shape through a gradual process of layering and accrual. As the internal logic of each composition unfolds forms are defined, buried and rediscovered until the painting becomes ‘congruent with itself’. "

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