Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Red Tape No 439

In the legacy of the great band Chicago, that's the title of my new hit single.

Anywho, called United Healthcare  on Tues, Oct 8, 2013 to see if I can move the COBRA process along.
I was informed that the process hasn't been started because I am still covered by United Healthcare. When I asked if there was an end date or a cut-off date, I was told, "no".

So I went to my pharmacy and bought the meds that have been waiting for my money and sure enough, co-pays were the same and everything. Nice. Hopefully it holds out until the 15th and my followup with Dr Sivakumar. Somehow I think not.

Especially since I hung up the phone and walked to the mail box and found a letter from United Healthcare and Cobra informing me that a "qualifying event" had occurred (I got laid off) and the paperwork can start moving.

So yeah, United Healthcare says I still have healthcare insurance and that it hasn't been cancelled, but I receive a letter predating the live phone person's statement by at least two days...


I also spoke to someone at unemployment. She asked me some questions and said I'd have an answer on Monday.


Also called my attorney, as they had sent me a welcome package with lots of info and a page that started "when to call us". One of the things on the list was "SS sends you new paperwork". I received two requests for info. I told this to Vanessa, my legal assistant, and she said I should just fill them out and mail them. One of the forms was about how much I had taken from Worker's Compensation.  To the best of my knowledge, I've never applied for nor received Worker's Compensation.

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