Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Internet-fueled, mental Frippertronics. The loops of useless information spinning through the web keep playing through my screenface.

I was looking through one of my favorite sites, Thinkgeek, when I saw this horsehead mask:
Which was cool in itself.

Reading through the description, I come across a link to this:

Now, seeing this would normally disturb most people. After all, it is a horse-man stalking a young schoolgirl and menacing her with a hairbrush, but I sat hear at my desk and lol-snorted to an empty house.
The scene is from Full Metal Panic, whatever in the Engrish hell that means, and my daughter watched it when she was younger. A normal late Saturday probably, Adult Swim off-night, as I called it, when they played a string of anime. I'm likely on the computer listen/watching, Kaia on her laptop and the familiar squeals and speed-talk chirps waft out of the tv screen. Suddenly a horse on two legs is screaming "Pony. PONY! PONY!!!" at this poor girl and then he's lunging at her with a hairbrush and screaming louder, "PONY!!!!". I don't think the two of us have laughed any harder together before or since. This epic, wierd, wtf moment was our nerd-bonding, like when my dad and I used to rush to the living room to catch Star Trek every week, or us going to one of the first Trek Cons. Good times.

Kinda like the time this guy must be having:

And then, of course, there's this:

Leave Britney alone!!

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