Sunday, November 20, 2011

Loose Ends

Back to basics.

I finally got off my procrastinating buttocks and finished a couple of paintings that have been sitting, waiting to be completed since before I got sick. One of them is the last of the popular Skelecrows©:


The other one is a moth I've been working on for the insect series:

The last piece I worked on was fresh on the canvas, from a photograph I took. I turned my canvas to see my computer monitor. I stayed about 10 feet away so the details would be a little lost:

Pools 2011
Guy Gondron

Here's the photograph I took it from:

It's not exactly a verbatim landscape. I was looking for something even more elemental, actually. I added more details than I planned to. Actually had to make myself stop. I also left out the buildings and the sidewalk to lessen the human presence in the image. Futile to a certain degree as the park itself is man-made.

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