Monday, November 14, 2011

The Building Blocks of Life

I've seen Jurassic Park at least 50 times and I never noticed the bloodsucking lawyer is wearing shorts. A suit with shorts.

I had re-scheduled my Dr appt for before the cutoff date United Healthcare gave me. Every appt with Dr Szewczyck is to be preceded by a blood draw, so I took the order and had blood drawn today. I had Syed again. That man is the best Phlebotomist I've ever been to. That's someone who gets paid to draw blood. The first time I went to him it was like he did some sleight of hand and the needle went in like air over a marshmallow. Today was less than smooth but still cake.

The lab's office is across the street from Ironwood so I figured I'd go over there in person and change my appt with Dr Woo as well since I hadn't been able to over the phone. I explain to the guy behind the desk and he says he doesn't understand why people have gotten those notices, they're still taking United Healthcare and are still negotiating and expect to close the deal successfully. Who knows what the hell is going on...

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