Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Problem of Social Media

Too many outlets and not enough time.

I've been so engrossed in networking, marketing and gossiping on Facebook that I neglected to post my own artwork on my own blog. Reprehensible! Like my blog was raped by Black Hitler. Literally!

Anywhats, without further dudes:

Phalanx is my new favorite among my landscapes. The detail and lack thereof and the flow of the image and texture came together perfectly. The change from red poppies to yellow blooms highlights it within the series, and the brighter, anonymous flowers have a cleaner provenance than poppies, letting the mind see only flowers or flashes of color.

Acrylic on Canvas

The first two entries in the Dana Project:

Dana No 1
Until I think of a better name.

Acrylic on canvas
Dana No 2

Acrylic on canvas

Somewhat less marketable on Etsy, these are of Dana DeArmond, AKA The Internet's Girlfriend (links likely NSFW). Yeah, I know. She's a porn star. I stumbledupon her tumblr blogcastbook and saw some of her self-pics and loved them. That and I'm a sucker for brunettes. I'd been looking for a subject for a series based on self-pics, especially webcam or phonecam pics and her's were perfect. I asked her if she minded if I painted a few and she said "no problem". Problem is, I've been trying to get her attention to at least show her the finished product, but as far as I can tell she has no email address and my questions on her Tumblr have gone unanswered.

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