Friday, March 02, 2012

Three Ways To Tell When You've Been Bought By a Corporation

One: You repackage your product with hip colors and smiling, generic faces.
Two: You send out mailers with "personal stories" of people's "experiences" with your product.
Three: Rename your product "My-Something"

You old hacks know that Myspace has been officially dead for at least 5 years right?! You're the same hepcat cool kids still running the music industry, the same losers who pine for the return of the Rat Pack, who booked Tony Bennett to play the Grammies! The award show giving awards to music which is in almost every way the complete tonal and philosophical opposite to Bennett's music. The same people who think Madonna is still relevant and Lady Gaga is a brilliant artist.

Yeah, I know this is just radio, but I am certain if I looked further than I care to, ever, I'd find that they are now owned by one of the same companies that owns Lady Gaga or Madonna.

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