Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bisbee, Arizona

Abandon Hope!
Two of these grim fellows guarded the entrance to the house beyond.
We named them Baruch and Balthamos.

The History Room
The History Room
The Schoolhouse Bed & Breakfast

Lavender Pit Copper Mine
The Lavender Pit
This used to be a mountain.
Mined out in 1974.
Banksy Inspired Graffiti
Saw this near the museum in Bisbee.
Not Banksy, according to my small bit of research, though Banksy was in Utah recently.

Not sure if this is an abandoned lot that had graffiti or if the rubble were part of the exhibit.
The former, I think.

Wall Art
One of the nicer bits of random art.
Desert Flower
Saw this flower on the entire trip. It grows, along with dozens of others, at the top of a ling spike. An explosion of green spikes guard the base.
We wondered if the flowers were as petal-soft as they looked. They weren't.

Random Gargoyle
Two of these guys hiding in the vines.

Queen Mine
Going into the Queen Mine

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