Saturday, November 25, 2006

Nothing As Art

Art imitates life? Life imitates art? How about art imitates art? First, Seinfeld's Kramer invents a scent called Beach, a perfume that reminds people of that fresh clean air at the shore. Now there's a perfume that is exactly that. Then George Costanza creates the concept of his and Jerry's show being about 'nothing'. Now an artist has taken that idea to heart.

What a great idea. Doing nothing and calling it art
Grayson Perry

My editor thought I might like to write about an artist called Chloe Steele. She is one of 15 artists taking part in a project called Residue. This is the final series of shows organised by First Site at the Minories gallery in Colchester before they move to their swanky new home. What caught the attention of a newsman is that Chloe Steele’s proposal for this residency was to do nothing, not anything, zilch, nil. Maybe he thought there was a possibility of stirring up some public outrage: “artist does nothing with public money!”

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